Breed Selection

Adding a new dog to the family is a life changing decision.
There are so many things to learn and look forward to.
Choosing which dog or puppy to bring home can be an emotional and overwhelming experience.
Most dogs that are surrendered to shelters and rescue groups are there not because they are bad dogs, but that they were bad matches for their family.  People often pick puppies with their heart only.  It’s important that we also take a moment to be sure that the temperament and breed of our next dog will be perfect for us.
The Trainer will help you choose what kind of dog will fit perfectly into your family. We take all aspects into consideration. Including but not limited to, living arrangements, activity level, personality, trainability & grooming requirements. We also discuss what to look for when meeting a litter of puppies so that you bring home the puppy that will be your perfect match. This single session can happen either in person or through Skype.
To be extra sure that you make the correct puppy selection from the litter, an additional session can be added. The trainer will visit a litter with you to temperament test the puppies, ensuring the perfect match is made.
  • 1 Breed Selection Session                                             $155

  • 1 Litter Temperament Testing Session                $260

  • Breed Selection & Temperament Testing          $350

Please be sure to review payment and cancellation policies