Perfect Pooch Program

7 weeks - 2 pups on step[1]
Adding a new dog to the family is a life changing decision.  There are so many things to learn and look forward to.  Choosing which dog or puppy to bring home can be an emotional and overwhelming experience.
The Perfect Pooch Program was designed to help families navigate through the selection process to
ensure they bring home the right companion for them.


 Three sessions with the trainer:
  1. An initial meeting to discuss breed options and what personality dog will fit best in your family which can be done either in-home or via skype
  2. A shelter, rescue group or local breeder visit to temperament test your chosen dog or pick the best puppy for you from a litter.
  3. Puppy Management or a 2 Hour Session with the Trainer to help you get off on the right foot once you’ve brought your new puppy or dog home.  This can be done either in-hom or via skype


  • 3 Sessions                   $450+tax


Please be sure to review payment and cancellation policies