Dogs must be current on their Rabies, DHPP (or equivalent) and Bordetella vaccines and be in good general health. They must not be displaying any signs of illness including but not limited to diarrhea, coughing or skin conditions not documented by a Veterinary Professional. It is highly recommended that all dogs be on flea/tick and heart-worm preventative. Proof of vaccinations are required prior to training

Dogs in heat are normally not in a place where they can give complete focus for training. We suggest talking with Alisson to let her know if this is a concerned when scheduling. 

Evaluations, Training Programs, Puppy Management, Breed Selection and Virtual Lessons must be paid in full at the time of the first lesson

Payment is accepted in the forms of Cash, Check & Credit.

Late Arrival for Private Services Policy:
Customers shall arrive for private services within 15 minutes of scheduled start time.  Unless reasonable communication has been made to notify the RCA, late charges ($10 per every 15 minutes late) may be imposed at RCA’s sole discretion

Cancellation/No Show Policy:
Failure to notify the RCA of the cancellation of a scheduled Lesson, Tutoring Session, Evaluation, Puppy Management or any scheduled service without 24 hours notice will incur the following fees:

Lessonsthe missed appointment constitutes the non-refundable cost of a
single lesson.  A bill will be mailed to you or payment can be made at the next scheduled lesson

Evaluations –  If you do not arrive at the time of your appointment, an invoice of $50+ tax will be mailed to you

If payment is not made within 30 days and must go to collection and/or attorney, the client will be responsible for all collection and/or reasonable attorney fees.

Non-Refundable Training Deposit:
Deposit made towards a Training Program will be applied to the total cost of the chosen training program.  If the Client chooses to not schedule a training program with the Rochester Canine Academy after the deposit has been paid, the client understands that the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit shall be forfeited