Remote Collar Training

05Using a remote collar can help your dog achieve Off Leash training quickly and effectively. When used properly, it can also be excellent at helping you meet your dog’s behavioral goals.
Remote Collar work can be achieved either as part of a Residential Program or as a 5 day Residency after completion of a series of Private Lessons.  All remote collar programs are done while the dog is in residence with the trainer.
The Rochester Canine Academy uses  E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator. These are professional grade units that have 1/2 mile radius.  They are waterproof and have rechargeable batteries.  Properly used, you can achieve a 99% recall rate with your dog.  The unit is included in the cost of the training.  As with other Residential Programs, Private Lessons are included for owner instruction.
Dogs must be at least 4 months old.
  • 2 Week Residential Program + Remote +  3  Lessons       $1550+tax

  • 3 Week Residential Program + Remote  + 3 Lessons        $1960+tax

  • 4 Week Residential Program + Remote + 4 Lessons         $2400+tax

  • 5 Day Remote Program + 1 Lesson                                            $750+tax *

* All dogs must have either completed a prior Residency or Private Lessons to attend the 5 Day Remote Program


Please be sure to review payment and cancellation policies