Remote Collar Training

Do you dream of taking your dog to the parks, or hiking, or camping or swimming or just to a nearby field to play?  Is the fear of your dog not coming back when called stopping you from having these wonderful adventures together?
Remote Collar work is an extension of basic obedience. It allows you and your dog to achieve Off Leash Training quickly and effectively. When used properly, it can also be excellent at helping you meet your dog's behavioral goals. The Rochester Canine Academy uses the E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator. Remote Collar work can be achieved either through Private Lessons or Tutoring Sessions.
Dogs must be at least 4 months old.
  • 6 Private Lessons (Obedience + Remote)         $1055

  • 6 Tutoring Sessions (Obedience + Remote)   $1485

  • 3 Private Lessons   (Remote Only)                       $670

  • 3 Tutoring Sessions (Remote Only)                   $825

    *Completion of On Leash Basic Training is required as a prerequisite for Remote Only packages

Please be sure to review payment and cancellation policies