Residential Training

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Your dog learns directly from a Certified Dog Trainer.  Clients who choose residency programs do so knowing it is the most efficient way to train their dogs.  Not only are all of the basic on-leash obedience skills covered (walking on a leash without pulling, automatic sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, the concept of “Yes” and “No”), but your dog will also have the opportunity to live in a happy pack of dogs.  This does wonders not only for socialization, but also as a reinforcement of what it means to live and play in a well functioning group of individuals.
The length of a Residential Programs ranges from two weeks to four weeks.  The amount of time your dog will need to successfully complete training is discussed and determined during the initial evaluation. Age and behavioral issues are two of the factors used to determine which program is right for your dog.
At the conclusion of a Residency Program, it is important that owners acquire the skills necessary to be able to maintain and move forward with the work begun by the trainer.   A series of Private Lessons with the trainer is included in all programs to ensure continued success for both owners and dogs.
Dogs must be at least 4 months old to attend a Residential Program
  • 2 Week Residency Program + 3 Private Lessons              $1150+tax

  • 3 Week Residency Program + 3 Private Lessons              $1590+tax

  • 4 Week Residency Program + 4 Private Lessons              $2000+tax

                    (leather leash & training collar are included)


Please be sure to review payment and cancellation policies