Ellen, Peter, Doppler & Newton

We can’t speak highly enough of Alisson and all she has done for our family. Three years ago my husband and I adopted our second dog, Newton. He proved to be a new kind of challenge for us; he was dominant, reactive and would occasionally bully our existing dog, Doppler.
Rochester Canine Academy taught us how to communicate with him and establish an environment with rules and consequences. At first I was worried a more rigid environment would squelch his cuddly and goofy personality, but he has turned into the most fun-loving and obedient dog I have ever known. We are now able to trust him off-leash when we go hiking and have seen huge improvements in his social skills with other dogs.
Newton and Doppler have truly bonded and become best friends. The skills we learned with Newton also helped us correct some of Doppler’s less than desirable behaviors. When we take them on walks, we always receive compliments on how well behaved they are. Thank you, Alisson, for enabling us to create such a stress free and fun life with our pups!


Mark, Lisa & Dakota

Alisson is a life saver! She took our crazy 4 month old lab puppy and turned him into the envy of the neighborhood! We have recommended her to all of our friends.






Darla & Hershey

Hershey+in+the+impatiens The pillow said it all, “Spoiled Rotten Dachshund Lives Here.”  Until I met Alisson I really thought that Hershey was just given a lot of attention, not exactly spoiled.  But the day my sweet 8-pound pooch  growled at my mother when she tried to lift her off her lap, I knew I had a problem.  And because of allergies to shots, I had never allowed Hershey around other dogs to learn how to play.  Alisson and her sweet Nina taught Hershey how to greet another dog without aggression.  I take her everywhere now!  I also know Hersh growled at Mom because of her inflated sense of self that I allowed her to have by physically elevating her to a chair or couch.  Alisson is a no-nonsense, loving trainer who understands dog-speak and taught me to understand how Hershey thinks.  I love it when my friends notice what a different dog she is!  Hersh is happier too!. Thank you, Alisson!


Rochelle & Jordan

JordanKongWhen we first got our adorable puppy, at nine weeks old, we were filled with idealistic enthusiasm and the best of intentions.  My children, husband and I thought that if we loved our little “fluffball” Jordan enough, we would all live happily and peacefully.  By 12 weeks we thought we might be wrong.  By 14 weeks we KNEW we were very wrong.  At 15 weeks Alisson was sitting in our dining room speaking very directly yet reassuringly to all of us.  Alisson was amazing as she talked with each of my 3 children and equally effective with my husband and me.
Alisson started training Jordan  when he was 15 1/2 weeks old.  Over the next several months Alisson has met with our entire family group to continue the positive work.  At our final lesson, I confessed feeling that we had lost a little ground, and by the end of the session, all of us felt back on track!!  Thank you Alisson


Tony, Melanie & Jersey

IMG_1757A year and a half ago we decided to have our “punk” Jersey go through obedience training. When we contacted Alisson we had a one and a half year old yellow lab out of control.  He wouldn’t listen, chewed our floor boards, dragged us down the street and even chewed a hole through the wall.  We went through two other training programs and neither had the effectiveness and care that Alisson offered.
Alisson came to our home and nicely explained to us that Jersey was the one in charge of our family.  She explained how she would train Melanie and I to communicate with Jersey so he could be a part of our family.  Alisson showed us her training programs and I went to check out Alisson’s place, dogs and spoke with other customers.  We called each referral Alisson provided us.
Since the program, Jersey has been a great family member.  He listens, walks well and is terrific with our 7 month old daughter.  We have continued our relationship with Alisson as she boards him whenever we need to go out of town and can’t bring him.  He loves her and her dogs.  With Jersey now 2 ½ years old and after starting out skeptical, we are thankful to Alisson for all she has done.  She loves the pets who’s owners she teaches as much as her own.  We continue to recommend our friends to Alisson.


Jim & Sox

01OK, I’ll admit, I was one of those people that just could not imagine our little dog “Sox” walking on a leash without pulling the entire time. By the end of our first consultation with Alisson, it was clear that my wife believed and I had no choice but give it a try. In fact, Alisson asked, “If I can get Sox to walk on a leash without pulling, will you write me a testimonial?” I immediately said, “Yes”. Here I am admitting that Alisson was right. Sox can do it, and does do it every day. We sent Sox to Alison for 14 days and picked her up 80% better than she was when we first got started. She comes when she’s called. She sits and stays. She walks on a leash beautifully. And, best of all she willingly goes into her crate.  As you would expect, there are times when she tests us.  And, when we give a little, she’ll take a lot. But, when we stick to the rules, she responds as she was trained. The only thing we regret is not calling Alisson when Sox was a puppy. Better to train them right from the start than going back and trying to undo all the bad habits we allow them to begin. Thank you Alisson for helping us learn how to think like a dog.


Jeff & Emma

09After many frustrations and feeling like I was going in circles with getting my dog trained, housebroken and obedient in-general, I brought my Mini Dachshund to the Rochester Canine Academy for a training program. At the end of the program, I was shocked with my dog’s progress. She went from a total mess having daily accidents both in and out of her crate to what I consider a perfect dog. No jumping, no chewing, no wildness. She came back to us 95% housebroken and with a whole new attitude. I’m happier, she’s happier and our relationship is infinitely fuller than it was previously. Bottom line, the Rochester Canine Academy GETS RESULTS. I love my dog more than ever and no longer spend large parts of my day scolding her – we’re now free to enjoy each others company in a reciprocal, healthy relationship. I am a very critical person and I do not hesitate to 100% recommend the Rochester Canine Academy and Alisson Goldberg


Travis, Tricia & Moses

MosesThere are probably lots of dog owners out there who think hiring a trainer is only for “problem dogs” – the frustratingly disobedient ones.  Moses is not a “problem dog,” but we were so happy with the amazing results of one puppy session with Alisson that when he was old enough, we started obedience training.  We could not be more pleased with the results.  Any fears or concerns we had  alleviated as soon as Alisson showed us both the amazing progress he had made, and how to maintain it.  Moses has gone from being a chaotic puppy to a being a part of our family.  Alisson’s knowledge of dogs is simply amazing.  We cannot recommend her highly enough.  You don’t need to give up on good training because you’re too busy or feel like you’re dog just won’t learn. Contact Rochester Canine Academy!




Jeff, Julia & Scout

JuliaJeffScoutWhen we first adopted our dog Scout, she would jump on people and pull on the leash when we would walk her.  We would give her simple commands and didn’t understand why she wouldn’t listen. Then friends recommended Alisson and we knew we wanted to work with her.  Alisson taught Scout (and both of us) what we needed to do to be
successful at training.  There was so much that Alisson was able to teach us that we weren’t even aware of, like how to hold the leash the correct way or where Scout should be when we were walking her.  In just a few short lessons we changed the way we were training Scout, and Scout was successful at following her commands.When we started with Alisson, Scout was about 5 months old, now she is a year and we are on to off-leash commands. We receive compliments all the time when we are out walking with Scout.  We would
not have such a well behaved dog if it were not for Alisson and her training techniques. Alisson has helped us to train and socialize Scout in the correct way.  We know that if we ever have questions about training or anything related to Scout she is always willing to help.  We have really enjoyed working with Alisson and have recommended her to many of our dog loving friends.  All three of us have enjoyed working with Alisson!


Miranda, Ian & Remmington

AdamsfamilyAlisson has an amazing ability to read a dog and tell the meaning of his actions as well as how to correct them.  She has a great personality, is easy to work with and has strength and poise in her handling of dogs. Our Italian Greyhound Remington has gone from a puppy with a non-existent attention span to one that listens and obeys.  We were  taught basic leash training, correction of  behavioral issues such as housebreaking and  jumping and development of socialization skills with other dogs.  We’d highly recommend Alisson.



Sandy, Bob, Joey & Comet

JoeyandCometAlisson is our hero!  We were/are the proud owners of three lovely adopted dogs who (unbeknown to us) ruled our house.  Both my husband and I bore the battle scars from “arguments” with the obvious masters of our domain.  Then…entered Alisson.  Simply put, she gave us our lives back.  She thoughtfully and thoroughly evaluated the personalities and “development opportunities” of our pups.  After our training, it was a miracle.  We were clearly the alpha’s, and our “kids” were just sooo happy to be allowed be dogs once again.  It has been many months now, and by simply maintaining the simple rules that Alisson transferred to us, life still continues to be peaceful and pleasurable.  We loved our dogs very much, but thanks to Alisson’s intervention, we are back to the loving life we had known before they came into our lives.