The Rochester Canine Academy is committed to keeping our community as
safe as possible.

Updated 5/10/23:
  1. In-Person Appointments are available for all appointments.
  2. Initial Evaluations, Orientation Appointments & One Hour Private Lessons can be held virtually if desired.
  3. Masks are optional for individuals inside the Rochester Canine Academy Training Studio. Please let Alisson know upon arrival if you prefer she be masked.
  4. A maximum of 3 people (18+ only) may attend each appointment with their dog.
  5. If Alisson tests positive for Covid-19, or comes in contact with someone who has tested positive, she will contact every client that has been in the Studio during the previous 2 weeks to inform them.
  6. If a person who has entered the studio later tests positive for Covid-19, or learns that they came in contact with someone who tests positive, they agree to contact the Rochester Canine Academy immediately.
  7. If at the time of a scheduled appointment a client, or someone the client has contact with (including family members and/or co-workers) is not feeling well or is showing any symptoms of Covid-19, the Rochester Canine Academy expects them to inform Alisson ASAP to reschedule their appointment or make plans to meet virtually
  8. All rules and regulations are subject to change.