Virtual Training

Do you live somewhere other than Rochester, NY?  Would you prefer to stay at home due to Covid-19? NO PROBLEM!

Now you too can take advantage of Alisson's 23 years of dog training expertise with Virtual Coaching Programs.

Scheduled video calls, instructional videos & membership to an exclusive Facebook group for Virtual Students containing additional resources, as well as communications in between lessons via email & text, ensure you get all of the personal instruction and attention you want to achieve your training goals.


At your scheduled appointment time, The Trainer will contact you via FaceTime, Zoom, or Facebook, Instant Messenger. (Which platform you prefer will be discussed ahead of time)
If you are not feeling confident with any of the above platforms, fear not! You don't need to be tech savvy to join in on the fun! (It's easier than you think and we are ready and excited to walk you through it step by step!)
And then away we go!
As with in-person training, there are 3 programs. The Essential, Well Mannered, & Set For Life Programs
The virtual options will just have a few tweeks to keep them...well...virtual!
A Virtual Behavioral Check-In is the perfect way to meet the trainer, ask questions and learn more about the training options including those fun tweeks!
You will experience the same fun, effective, 1 on 1 instruction, that you have come to expect from the Rochester Canine Academy!

Call or Text to find out more about Virtual Coaching!