Don't let uncertainty be the reason you leave your dog at home!

Do you find your dog’s behavior to be frustrating?

Do you want to include your dog in more activities?

Do you see other well behaved dogs and wonder if yours could be like that?

Have you not been able to reach your goals with other training options?

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The Rochester Canine Academy helps dogs and owners just like you every day!

Personal attention and programs that are designed help you reach your goals,
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Alisson Goldberg is the owner of the Rochester Canine Academy and has been training dogs for over 20 years.

She finds it extremely rewarding to be able to help so many families create fun and enjoyable relationships with their dogs.

What Are People Saying About RCA?

Dena K.

Alisson is an amazing trainer. We got our dog, Rooney, when she was a year and a half old and had no previous training. Alisson was able to help us teach Rooney how to behave around the house, outside, around people, and allow her to be a happy, thriving, member of our family.

Dena K.
Danielle E.

Alisson has trained both of our dogs. I highly recommend her for challenging behaviors and basic obedience training. We learned that it is our responsibility to set expectations for behavior. When we followed Alisson’s guidance we got the companions we wanted!! Thank you Alisson, and Rochester Canine Academy!!!

Danielle E.
May C.

Alisson has changed our lives! Since Murphy completed training she is a joy! She listens, follows her commands and today I was able to clip and bathe her without any assistance! This was not the case before Rochester Canine Academy and Alisson! She is truly the “dog whisperer “ and trains us equally as well as our dog!!

May C.
Coreen M.

Alisson gave us a realistic picture of what we needed to do to better communicate with Maria and create an environment she could thrive in.