Alisson’s Top 10

Top 10 Recommendations
From a Dog Trainer

10.  Rukoy Snuffle Mat 

These Mats are a fan favorite in my house hold! They are a wonderful way to provide enrichment during meal times.  They enjoy how soft this Snuffle Mat is and the density makes finding their food a fun challenge for them.  Best part, is that it can be tossed into the washer and dryer for easy cleaning

9. Polkadog Crunchy Cod Skins Dog Sticks

Crunchy, yummy, single ingredient dog treat that is guarantee to make your pup happy!  Mine go absolutely bonkers when they see me bust these out for them.  Each stick takes them anywhere from 5-10 minutes to consume so no worries about finding lumpy wet pieces laying on your floors. I sometimes break them into small pieces to use as training treats or as a food topper.  The skins are sourced from wild caught Alaskan Cod, making them a sustainable product which is always a plus in my book!

8. West Paw Toppl 

Toppls make it so much easier for you to layer your dog’s favorite snacks into this puzzle toy.  Cramming layers into the small holes we are all used to can be a total mess. The wide open top means that you can actually see what your doing. And the hole on the side means that the bottom layer can be loose kibble or treats which adds a whole new dimension of fun for your dog.  This toy is best for dog who are moderate chewers.
(For dogs that are tough on all toys, a Kong is the safer and longer lasting option for this type of food enrichment)

7. Flirt Pole

DIBBATU Dog Flirt Pole Toy, Interactive Teaser Wand for Dogs Tug of War and Outdoor Exercise, Tether Lure Toy with Chewing Rope to Chasing and Training for Small Dogs

Not just for cats! Now your dog can get in on the fun too! If your dog enjoys chasing things, this is the toy for you.  I can get my dogs leaping high into the air to chase and capture the lure.  If I add some obedience to the game, they also have an opportunity to learn how to go from super excited to relaxed very quickly.  A fantastic skill for all dogs to have.  This toy can be used from a seated or standing position and is a great way to burn a ton of energy super quickly.

6. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Bone

Orbee toys have always been a crowd favorite in my house.  This bone is perfect for dogs who are light to moderate chewers. The soft texture with some give feels great on their teeth.  Also soft enough to play catch or fetch with.  Comes in multiple sizes and colors too.

5. Splash Pad

Calling my water loving dog friends!!  Can’t make it to the beach to cool off? How about one of these instead!  All you need is to connect it to a hose for tons of fun.  Mine love to play in the water from the hose while I’m watering the garden.  Having water coming from so many directions makes it even more exciting for them. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been known to join them on a super hot day!

4. Goughnuts

Do you have a super chewer that seems to destroy every toy you give them? If so, the Goughnuts Ring will be a winner-winner, chicken dinner!  They don’t just claim to be virtually indestructible, but actually back it up with a replacement guarantee. I have yet to find a dog who has been able to destroy these rings. Perfect for quiet chewing, fetch and they even float!  The black rings are a god-send for extreme chewers.  The green rings can also stand up to some pretty mighty chewing. If you have any doubt however, choose the black! Both the green and the black come in multiple sizes to suit any sized dog.


3. Bob-a-Lot

The Bob-A-Lot is my absolute favorite food puzzle toy. It comes in two sizes and is super durable.  The hole on the side can be made bigger or smaller depending on the size of the treats you choose to put in it.  There is even a way to slow down how fast the food falls inside the toy to extend the fun. It has a heavily weighted bottom which makes it easy dog participants to bat it around. Oh, and they can take quite a beating as long as you don’t allow your dog to just sit and chew on it.



2. Nylabone Mega Knot Bone

The Mega Knot Bone is one of my favorite chewing options for my dogs.  The faux knotted ends feels interesting in their mouth and encourages healthy and appropriate chewing.   As with all dog toys, make sure it is the appropriate size and durability for your pup.


1. On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas

A book you say? In the number 1 slot?  YES!! I have been working in this industry for over 20 years and have read more dog training and behavior books than you could possibly imagine.  This short book is the one that taught me some invaluable information that I can use with all of my dog clients every single day.  Being able to read the signals our dogs give particularly when they are uncomfortable ensures that we can help them before they make regrettable decisions.  The best part is, we can use the same signals back at them! Its a game changer. The book is only 74 pages long and is full of pictures to accompany the text.  Your dog will thank you!

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