Finding the right Dog Trainer can be overwhelming.

There are so many choices and you want to be sure that you choose the best fit for you and your dog.

This time together is designed to give you piece of mind before you make any decisions.

The Evaluation gives you a chance to meet me and to share the concerns and goals you have for your dog.  It also allows me to ask you lots of questions so that I can get a nice clear picture of what life is like for your family.
And then comes the fun part.  I get to share with you all of the ways that I can help you ease those concerns and reach your goals!

* An Evaluation is required prior to beginning any training program



Call or Text to tell us all about your dog!


What Are People Saying About RCA?

Kathryn K.

This program was worth the time and money and has drastically improved the life of our dog and our family.

Kathryn K.
Tara S.

Alisson explains everything so it's easy to understand what we were doing wrong and what we need to change.

Tara S.
Kelly S.

I rescued a Pitbull mix named Valor who was afraid of EVERYTHING.  Because of this, she struggled to find a permanent home.(I was her 4th attempt).  Working with the RCA, my dog has gotten over her fears and anxiety.  Valor loves going to school at the RCA! Watching her grow and blossom into a confident dog has been a wonderful experience.

Kelly S.
Blake & Josh V.

When we found RCA we were at a point where we thought we might have to give our dog up. We’re strongly committed to rescue dogs and the idea of ever giving a dog back was something we swore we would never,ever do. Nothing we had done ourselves had made any difference. Alisson has made ALL the difference. She shares her knowledge in a clear and non-judgemental way. She’s a life changer! Thank you Alisson!!!

Blake and Josh V.